EuroMath in the Irish media

The campaign promoting EuroMath technology in the Irish media by the DCU Partner resulted in a number of publications. Read the articles:
1. The Irish Times
2. The Irish Examiner
3. The Irish News
4. TechCentral
5. Siliconrepublic
6. Head Topics
DCU has also published information on the results of the EuroMath project on its website in the News section:
7. New technology platform to help visually impaired children learn math

27/05/2020Małgorzata Rubin

To make it easier to start working with the EuroMath application on the YouTube channel we had dozens of instructional videos in Polish and English. The videos are numbered. It is worth starting to learn about EuroMath from number #1: How to start working with EuroMath. The link to the EuroMath web application is located in the EuroMath Tools / Catalog menu. We invite mathematics teachers to familiarize themselves with the EuroMath application and use it with students, especially during the COVID-19 epidemia it is a helpful tool.

31/03/2020Jolanta Brzostek-Pawłowska

The first batch of math worksheets just available on the EuroMath portal

Educational materials for learning mathematics of students with visual impairments developed by teachers and educators in Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland are already available on the EuroMath portal.
Free materials in EPUB3 file format: worksheets and lesson plans can be searched and downloaded on the portal as well as in the EuroMath application. It is worth looking at and comparing didactic methods and means used in individual countries to implement effective transfer of mathematical knowledge. Some materials can also be used in working with sighted students.

11/02/2020Małgorzata Rubin

EuroMath dissemination event in the Netherlands

On December 18, 2019, the Netherlands will host the next event disseminating the results of the EuroMath project. VISIO is the partner responsible for organizing this event.
Get to know the agenda.
Koninklijke Visio
Amersfoortsestraatweg 180
1272 RR Huizen
See the program of this event.

23/10/2019Małgorzata Rubin

Research report available on the project website

We remind you that the report on the research conducted in the EuroMath project “A comparative Analysis of ICT Tools and the Mathematical Education of Blind and Visually Impaired people in Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, and Neighbouring Countries” is available on the project website. The report is free. We encourage you to download it.

23/10/2019Małgorzata Rubin

EuroMath dissemination event in Ireland

We are delighted to announce our first workshop promoting increased access to mathematics for blind and vision-impaired children. This workshop will present a software solution, and accompanying resources for teachers, which we hope will help students across Europe to fulfil their potential, and actively engage with various aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and mathematics).
Date and Time
Mon, 7 October 2019, 10:00 – 16:30 IST

Microsoft Ireland
One Microsoft Place
South County Business Park
D18 P521 Leopardstown
Full advertise on evenbrite website.

26/09/2019John Lewis

Follow us on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter to be well informed of the progress of work on the EuroMath project.

26/09/2019Małgorzata Rubin

What's new in the EuroMath project?

We've inaugurated our EuroMath education channel on YouTube service. There you will find video on the use of EuroMath tools and the use of the open educational resources (OER) on the portal. We encourage you to watch them!

26/09/2019Małgorzata Rubin
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