About EuroMath

About the EuroMath application and the repository of open mathematical educational resources

EuroMath is an educational platform consisting of:

  • the EuroMath portal you are now visiting, from which you can download the EuroMath software and mathematical content
  • repository of mathematical educational materials for download, also waiting for your materials to be published
  • EuroMath online application for teachers and students to create content and solve tasks, to publish and download content from / to the repository
  • Windows EuroMath CUBARITHMS application for students to learn arithmetic calculations by writing (below the line)
  • Windows EuroMath CALCULATOR application for blind students

The EuroMath app and math educational resources in the repository are intended for math teachers and students. A math teacher using the EuroMath application can prepare worksheets, exercises, tests and other mathematical materials in one version for both sighted and blind and visually impaired students. Materials can be printed in black and white and Braille, and graphics on swelling paper. Both the application and the resources created by the teacher are available for blind and visually impaired students. Students can independently create and explore formulas, figure drawings, function graphs, as well as create, read and print in Braille.

Register on the portal, read the software descriptions and Quick Start manuals, see in the repository (menu Educational resources), whether the mathematical materials developed, both Polish and English, can be helpful for you.

Note: without registering, you can learn more about the EuroMath software by clicking on the "EuroMath Tools" menu name and educational resources by clicking on the "Educational resources" menu name. When using without a mouse, select menu items without expanding the submenu list and without selecting the submenu.

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