Information about resources

Open mathematical educational resources in the repository were created by Polish, Dutch and Irish mathematics teachers and methodologists. These are content in Polish and English at different levels of primary and secondary school education, on different topics.

Resources are: student work cards, exercises, complex tasks, tests and quizzes, lesson plans and other materials helpful to teachers.

By entering the repository from the Educational Resources menu you receive a list of resources in the language you entered when registering. However, you can display all Polish and English resources if you press the "Show All" button or set the correct filter with the "Advanced Search" button.

The list displays the parameters of the resource - title, author, description, date of publication. By title, author, date of publication you can organize the list. You can also access the details of each resource by pressing the "Details" button. Details include :

  • Category: Rational function
  • Subcategory: Rational expressions
  • Level: High school - class 2
  • Type: Exercises
  • Scope: Basic
  • Specific purpose: B, LV, where B is intended for the blind student, LV for the visually impaired student

The search engine allows you to formulate search criteria built among others from these parameters. You can download the selected resource and save to your local disk.
NOTE: Downloaded resources are saved in the electronic format EPUB3 in files with the extension .epub. These files can be read in EPUB3 readers, as long as they support MathML, SVG standards. You can also read them, which we recommend using our EuroMath application.

But it's best to view resources, download, open and save to your local disk as a logged in user in the EuroMath application.

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