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The EuroMath application supports BraillePen physical Braille keyboards (manufactured by Harpo) and BrailleNote Touch (manufactured by Humanware).
If you use an external BraillePen keyboard, you must first connect it to your computer via Bluetooth and the software supplied with it. For its proper operation with the EuroMath application the table defining keyboard shortcuts should be added to the software. It is saved in the euromath-en.kmf (for the English language) file. It should be copied to the folder where the keyboard application will be installed, e.g. c:\program files\braillepen. To work with the Euromath application in the English version, you need to select the euromath-en table in the keyboard software. This can be done in the keyboard software itself or by manually entering the name of the selected table in the file braillepen.set, which is located in the keyboard software folder. Then start BraillePen and turn on the keyboard to connect it to your computer.

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